Orthopedic Specialist Treats Broken Fingers, Hands, Wrists, & Elbows, Pasadena, CA

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Bones often require a significant amount of energy to break.  While that's good news for avoiding a fracture, it generally means that fractures in these areas require an expert to put them back together in a way that prevents lasting damage. 

This is when an orthopedist like Dr. Annette Billings really comes in handy. She has years of education and experience that help her evaluate different types of fractures to determine the best course of action.
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Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Fractures

Broken Fingers
  • Distal Phalanx Fracture. Often a crush fracture or broken fingertip.
  • Other Phalanx Fractures (finger fractures)
  • Avulsion Fractures. Where a tendon or ligament breaks a piece of bone from the main bone.
Broken Hands
  • Boxer's Fracture. This is a break right against the knuckle of the little (pinky) finger. Often sustained when punching something, hence the common name.
  • Metacarpal Fracture. The metacarpals are the bones that run through the palm of your hand. These can be broken in accidents, falls, or while playing sports.
Broken Wrists
  • Scaphoid Fracture.  This is a fracture of one of the small bones in your wrist and is easy to miss.
  • Distal Radius Fracture. This fracture most frequently occurs after breaking a fall with your hands.  
Forearm Fractures
Fractures of the bones between your elbow and your wrist.
Humerus Fractures
A fracture of your upper arm bone between your shoulder and elbow.
Clavicle Fractures
A fracture of your collarbone.
Dr. Annette Billings is a fantastic resource to diagnose and treat arm injuries and fractures. Her specialty in hand, wrist, and elbow conditions allows her to make careful distinctions that optimize successful treatment outcomes. To learn more about your injury and what it will take to heal, call 626-517-0022 or contact us today to make an appointment.